Project of the Week – Fireplace and Oven – Connecticut – April 10, 2019

Amerigo and 36 inch Contractor fireplace front view

Amerigo and 33 inch Contractor Fireplace from side

This week’s Project of the Week is from our friends at Outdoor Solutions Group of Brookfield, Connecticut. 

The project features an Amerigo™ oven, atop an Amerigo™ arched cabinet, and a 36″ Contractor Series fireplace, linked with a standard arched wood storage cabinet.  The fireplace, oven, and cabinet kits were supplied through the Fire Farm, our manufacturer’s licensee and master distributor for New England and the upper eastern seaboard. The finishes on the project are a variety of natural stone with some tile accents, showcasing the wide range of possibilities when using Stone Age kits, and natural stone products.  Fire Farm’s sister company, Stone Farm is also a major supplier of natural stone products.

If you have photos of one of your projects featuring Stone Age products you would like to share, send us your high-resolution photos, along with details of which Stone Age products were used, what type of finish materials were used, and your name and location. If selected, your project will be featured in the Fireplace of the Week or Project of the Week post.

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