Veranda™ Fireplaces

Designed with smaller settings in mind, veranda™ fireplaces give the consumer a true, masonry wood-burning fireplace in the smallest functional package available.

The Veranda’s™ unique tongue and groove design allow easy assembly by the professional or the do-it-yourselfer, using tube-applied landscape block adhesive and high heat mortar instead of traditional dry-mix mortar.

  • Outdoor Applications Only
  • Firebrick Not Required
  • Arched Lintel

GalleryVeranda™ Fireplaces

Stone Age has a fireplace for every application.

Veranda™Fireplace Assembly Overview

Assembly animation of a Stone Age Veranda™ Series Fireplace.

Stone Age FireplacesVeranda™ Series

Stone Age has a fireplace for every application.

Chimney System for Veranda™ Fireplaces

Veranda™ chimney dystem components are 6 inches tall, and are manufactured from our heat-resistant concrete blend, designed to withstand the high operating temperatures of a wood burning fireplace. Veranda™ chimney flue sections include the user-friendly tongue and groove mating surfaces that make the rest of the kit so easy to assemble, and each kit includes 2-1/2 feet of chimney. Additional chimney sections may be added as desired.

Accessories - Outdoor FireplacesVeranda™ Series

Accessories to complete and complement the Veranda™ Fireplaces

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