New Age™ Series Fireplaces

New Age™ Series fireplaces combine the best elements of traditional fireplace construction with the superior design, simplified modern construction and finest quality materials that are the hallmark of all Stone Age fireplace kits, in a form factor optimized for indoor applications or any project where a squared profile is preferred.

48” New Age™ Fireplace

42" New Age™ Fireplace

The New Age™ fireplace’s external profile allows fitting into tighter spaces, typically required for indoor applications. Internally, the shape of the New Age™ models follow the lines of hand-built masonry fireplaces, with a slightly shallower firebox for more heat projection into the room, and a smooth, rearward tapering throat with a straight backwall. The kits are comprised of easily-assembled interlocking pieces, made from Stone Age’s proprietary, heat-tolerant reinforced concrete blend, for a fireplace that delivers stronger draft, excellent heat output, and superior durability.

Angled Side Cutaway

Front Cutaway of Fireplace

New Age™ kits are available in all-masonry, zero clearance configurations, where structural framing may be placed in direct contact with the kit, and are also offered in non-zero clearance configurations, with slightly larger firebox openings, and clearance requirements similar to our other UL-127 certified models. All Stone Age UL-127 certified fireplaces require significantly less clearance than traditional masonry fireplaces, greatly simplifying fireplace installation within a structure.

Chimney System for New Age™ Series Fireplaces

New Age™ fireplaces have multiple chimney options available.  For applications where zero-clearance characteristics are required, the two-piece New Age™ masonry chimney system consists of a traditional clay flue liner and a separate outer chimney block of heat-resistant concrete, which are installed with a small amount of air space between them, creating a thermal break, and allowing framing to contact the chimney system. Flue tiles and outer blocks are different heights, creating staggered joints for greater strength.

For applications where masonry chimney is not practical or is prohibited by building codes, such as in earthquake-prone areas, 14″ or 16″ UL-103 certified metal chimney flue may be used, and Stone Age produces concrete adapter plates to mate the fireplace kit with the appropriate metal flue system.  Metal flue is available in air-cooled or insulated packed pipe configurations from several manufacturers.

Zero Clearance Masonry Chimney

UL-103 Metal Chimney

Masonry Chimney in Outdoor Configuration


New Age™ Series Fireplace Kits

Stone Age has a fireplace for every application: indoor or outdoor.

New Age™ Fireplaces – Outdoor Applications

The New Age™ outdoor kits are intended for settings where a zero clearance configuration is not required. These kits are packaged with two feet of outdoor masonry chimney and thin firebrick, which gives these units a finished firebox opening that is 3 inches wider than the comparable New Age™ indoor kits. New Age™ may also be configured with our zero clearance all-masonry chimney system, or may UL103 Certified metal flue systems.

UL-127/ULC-S610 Certified for outdoor or indoor applications.
Straight Lintel

39" New Age™ in Natural Stone

New Age™ Fireplaces – Indoor Applications

The New Age™ indoor kits are designed for use in zero clearance application, and may be configured with our zero clearance all-masonry chimney system, or may UL103 Certified metal flue systems. These fireplaces are designed to use a traditional throat mounted damper, similar to scratch-built fireplaces.

UL-127/ULC-S610 Certified for outdoor or indoor applications.
Straight Lintel

42" New Age™ with Height Extension in Natural Stone


New Age™ Series Fireplaces

Accessories to complete and complement the New Age™ Series Fireplaces

Chimney Cap

Additional Chimney Flue

Heavy Duty Log Grate

Multi-Purpose Ready-Mix

Brick Ledge

Chimney Offset Blocks

Throat Mount Damper

Outside Air Kit

Seat Wall Kit

Seat Wall Kit Drawing

Firebox Height Extension Kit

Wood Storage Boxes

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