Amerigo™ Pizza Oven

Amerigo™ Pizza Oven


The Amerigo™ Pizza oven offers everything you need for old world pizza and much more. With more than 1500 square inches of cooking surface, the Amerigo™ has the space to cook plenty of pizza for the largest parties and families, plus the flexibility to handle other any style of cooking you can imagine.

Assembly videoAmerigo™ Pizza Oven Assembly Overview

Assembly animation of an Amerigo™ Pizza Oven.

Item # SA-APO-48

Dome Height 30″
Overall Height 42.5″
Overall Width 48″
Overall Depth 42″
Internal Width 42″
Internal Depth 36″
Door Opening Width 25.5″
Door Opening Height 12.5″
Cooking Surface Area 1512 sq. in.
Surface Area 35 square feet of surface, including 14 linear feet of corners, finish sold separately
Firebrick: 50 full, included
Ready-Mix Required for Kit Assembly 3 buckets, sold separately

Kit Features

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AccessoriesAccessories for Amerigo™ Ovens

Accessories to complete and complement the Amerigo™ Oven

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