Caminetto™ Medeo Fireplace Oven Combo

Caminetto™ Medeo Fireplace Oven Combo


If you’ve wanted a fireplace and a wood fired oven, and envisioned having both together in a single attractive package, Stone Age now has a solution for you, with the first true masonry fireplace-oven combo kit on the market.

The Caminetto Medeo™ fireplace-oven combo features a linear fireplace based on our New Age™ 60″ model, combined with a custom tailored version of our Mezzo™ wood-fired oven, to maximize beauty, functionality, and enjoyment.

The oven offers 600 square inches of cooking surface, and kits include firebrick and a metal oven door.

Item # SA-CMO63

Overall Height 75″
Firebox Opening Height 26.5″ with firebrick
Firebox Opening Width 63″ with firebrick
Oven Door Width 15.5″
Internal Depth 23.5″
Overall Depth 30″
Cooking Surface Area 600 square inches
Surface Area 140 square feet of surface, including 34 linear feet of corners, finish sold separately
Firebrick 30 full, 175 splits, included
Ready-Mix Required for Kit Assembly 8 buckets, sold separately

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