Stone Age Multi-Purpose Ready-Mix

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Stone Age Multi-Purpose Ready-Mix

Stone Age Multi-Purpose Ready-Mix is a comprehensive blend of refractory mortar and other additives, specifically formulated for the construction and finishing of all Stone Age products. A complete, start-to-finish mortar blend in a single package, simply mix with water and you are ready to assemble and finish any project, large or small.
Stone Age Multi-Purpose Ready-Mix

Why Stone Age Multi-Purpose Ready-Mix?

Built to Withstand Extreme Heat

Designed to withstand the high temperature conditions encountered by wood burning hearth products, our Multi-Purpose Ready-Mix provides superior performance in fireplaces, fire pits or oven joints, as well as firebrick installations, and allows plenty of working time without the risk of flash setting.

Facilitate Adhesion of Finishing Materials

The Stone Age Ready-Mix also incorporates a bonding agent to facilitate the adhesion of finishing materials on any Stone Age hearth product or kitchen island kit, and is also formulated for low moisture absorption after curing.

Stone Age recommends using this product for building and finishing all Stone Age kits.

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