Project of the Week – November 15, 2019 – Contractor Series Outdoor Fireplace – Illinois

36 Inch Contractor Series Fireplace in light stone

This week’s Project of the Week is an inviting patio design from our friends in the Chicago area. This project features a customized 36” Contractor Series arched lintel fireplace with custom side counters that tie into a pergola, and is finished in natural stone, with granite counter tops, accents, and hearth.  I’m thinking a relaxing fire, a warm blanket, a little football, and a long nap. Ready for the weekend!

If you have photos of one of your projects featuring Stone Age products you would like to share, send us your high-resolution photos, along with details of which Stone Age products were used, what type of finish materials were used, and your name and location. If selected, your project will be featured in the Fireplace of the Week or Project of the Week post.

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