Standard Series

Standard Series Fireplaces


The Standard Series are the flagship model of the Stone Age line, and are complete fireplace kits, with everything needed to construct the fireplace included with the unit, except mortar and finishing materials.

Three generations of masonry construction experience, combined with modern design and manufacturing techniques create the finest quality and best performing outdoor fireplace available.

UL-127/ULC-S610 Certified for outdoor or indoor applications.

Arched or Straight Lintel
See-Thru Models Available

36" Standard Series in Natural Stone

Arched Lintel

Straight Lintel

See-Thru Arched Lintel

See-Thru Straight Lintel

GalleryStandard Series Fireplace Kits

Stone Age has a fireplace for every application: indoor or outdoor.

Assembly videoStandard Series Fireplace Assembly Overview

Assembly animation of a Stone Age Contractor Series Fireplace.

Stone Age Fireplaces - Standard SeriesStandard Series Fireplace Kits

Stone Age has a fireplace for every application: indoor or outdoor.

Chimney System for Standard Series Fireplaces

Standard Series fireplace kits also include the Stone Age Standard chimney system. Each section of this proprietary chimney system is 6 inches tall, and incorporates a traditional clay flue tile within an outer chimney block of heat-resistant concrete, to create a one-piece system designed to stand up to the high operating temperatures of a wood burning or gas-fueled fireplace. Flue tiles are offset within the concrete blocks, to create a pocket at the bottom of each section, that allows the tile from the sec- tion below to nest within the one above, for a superior bond. Standard Series fireplaces include 2 feet of chimney, and additional chimney sections may be added as desired.

Stone Age Standard Chimney Flue

Section View of Stone Age Chimney

Accessories - Outdoor FireplacesContractor Series Fireplaces

Accessories to complete and complement the Contractor Series Fireplaces

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