Amerigo™ Pizza Oven

The Amerigo™ Pizza oven offers everything you need for old world pizza and much more. With more than 1500 square inches of cooking surface, the Amerigo™ has the space to cook plenty of pizza for the largest parties and families, plus the flexibility to handle other any style of cooking you can imagine.

Amerigo™ Pizza Oven
Amerigo™ Pizza Oven Exploded View


Amerigo™ Pizza Oven Assembly Overview

Assembly animation of an Amerigo™ Pizza Oven.

Item# SA-APO-48

Dome Height: 30″
Overall Height 42.5″
Overall Width 48″
Overall Depth 42″
Internal Width: 42″
Internal Depth: 36″
Door Opening Width: 25.5″
Door Opening Height: 12.5″
Cooking Surface Area: 1512 sq. in.

Kit Features

  • Oven Dome and Floor Components
  • 1 – 12″ tall chimney flue sections
  • Firebrick
  • Metal Door

Amerigo™ Pizza Oven Front View
Amerigo™ Oven Side View Cutaway


Accessories for Amerigo™ Ovens

Accessories to complete and complement the Amerigo™ Oven

Chimney Cap

Additional Chimney Flue

Oven-Smoker Chimney Flue

Hearth Extension Kit

Amerigo™ Oven Hearth Extension Kit

Inner Liner Kit

Amerigo™ Oven Inner Liner Kit

Tunnel Kit

Amerigo™ Oven Tunnel Kit

Multi-Purpose Ready-Mix

Oven Cabinet Kits

Drawing of Pizza Oven Cabinet With Arched Opening

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