Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Professional Installation Recommended

Stone Age Manufacturing, Inc. recommends installations of all Stone Age products be performed by a qualified professional mason or installer. Persons installing these products, whether professionals or non-professionals assume all liability for any damages or improper operation caused by improper installation of the product.


Purchaser must carefully inspect all items for damage while the delivery carrier is still present, and must note any damage with the carrier, in order to file a damage claim. If the purchaser accepts the shipment without inspecting it first, the purchaser is accepting the product as is, and it is unlikely that a successful damage claim could be filed with the carrier.

Stone Age Manufacturing shall not be responsible for any cost or monetary loss associated with such damage, and any replacement parts would be provided at normal retail cost. Inspections should include removing plastic wrapping and inspecting for potentially hidden damage not visible through the plastic wrapping. Damage should be noted in writing on the driver’s bill of lading, photos should be taken of the driver’s paperwork, showing the notation of damage, and photos should be taken of the actual damage.

Products are Unassembled Kits and Do Not Include Finish, Mortar, Firebrick or Accessories

Purchaser understands that, unless specifically noted as prebuilt and prefinished, all products offered for sale by Stone Age Manufacturing, are unassembled kits, and do not include mortar for assembly, and finish materials, or other accessories that may be required for assembly or finishing.  Unless specifically noted, most fireplace and fire pit kits do not include firebrick.

Returns Not Accepted

Stone Age products are manufactured and packaged to order, and because of this, returns are not accepted. Purchaser has carefully considered their project needs and requirements before placing their order and understands that returns are not accepted.

Cancelations Not Allowed

Orders may not be canceled once the production or packaging of the order has begun. Ordered canceled after the order is in production will be charged a 20% restocking fee. Any non-stock, special order items will not be canceled once the order is placed if Stone Age is required to order those items through a 3rd party supplier.

Hearth Appliance Require Skill to Operate, User Responsible

Hearth and cooking appliances, such as fireplaces, fire pits, ovens, barbecue smokers, and outdoor kitchens, operate using fire and heat, and most products require fire building skills to operate them, as well as fire safety knowledge and also require care and continual supervision by the user whenever the appliance is in operation. It is the responsibility of the appliance user to properly educate themself on fire safety, and the safe operation of a hearth and cooking appliance.

Code Compliance and Suitability for Intended Use is Purchaser’s Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the purchaser/installer to determine the suitability of this product for their specific project and application, including compliance with local building codes. Purchaser agrees that any liability or cost incurred due to a purchased product not being suitable for the project or application is the responsibility of the purchaser. Returns will not be accepted due to the purchaser’s failure to determine suitability or code compliance prior to making their purchase.

Fireplace, Fire Pit, Oven, and Smoker Kits may not be Altered

Finish materials may be applied directly to kits, and non-combustible material may be added around an assembled kit, as long as the kit is not altered, modified, or any kit component is removed. Any modifications to Stone Age kits that alter the kit’s original component configuration, alter or remove kit components, or change the operation of the kit from the manner in which it was originally designed, are field modifications and void the kit’s warranty. Purchaser assumes all liability for any changes in performance, or any damages resulting in their modifications of Stone Age kit products.

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